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Okay, so I've redirected people here from the [ profile] adama_roslin comm so that that comm isn't technically attached to this download. Whatever.

I promised a couple friends that I'd rip the Extended Cut of Unfinished Business and the DVD extras from the Region 1 Season 3 BSG DVDs. Unfortunately, I've been busy this weekend (what? napping and drinking takes time!!) so I wasn't able to rip everything this weekend but I do have the extended version of Unfinished Business in .avi format for whomever wants it. I'll rip the other stuff this week and get it up as soon as I can.

In the mean time, here is the link for the Unfinished Business episode.

Feel free to let others know about this (I'll keep the episode up for as long as I can), but please let me know if you download.

Oh, and sorry about the massive file size. I wasn't thinking and didn't shrink it down before ripping and then uploading. Oops.

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