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Well, folks, it’s time! We are less than 24 hours away from the Premiere of Season 4.5. To commemorate this last BSG Premiere (*weeps*) I had planned on making a massive, epic picspam of the Adama/Roslin relationship from the first meeting to the last moment that we saw of them.

However, the epicness became too epic for me, so instead, this is the slightly less epic, but still MASSIVE “60 Moments that Define and Epic Romance” picspam. Or, Adama/Roslin from the beginning.

Come, look at the pretty. Squee over the love. And get ready for tomorrow.

The small print: This ‘spam covers all aired episodes, so if you’ve not yet seen season 4.0, don’t click on the cut. Also, this is still massive in its size, so seriously folks, this ain’t dial-up friendly. Finally, while these pics aren’t the best I’ve done, please don’t steal them to make icons and whatnot. I’ve put in hours of work here and I really don’t want to see someone else using that hard work. It’s petty and selfish and I. Don’t. Care. :D


1. An Introduction: This is Bill. This is Laura


2. I will not have networked computers aboard this ship

Roslin: I heard you’re one of those people. You’re actually afraid of computers.
Adama: I'm sorry if I'm inconveniencing you and your teachers, but I will not allow a networked computerized system on this ship while I'm in command. Is that clear?
Roslin: Yes, Sir.


3. We Can’t wash our hands of the things we’ve done

Adama: The cost of wearing the uniform can be high. But… sometimes it’s too high. You know, when we fought the Cylons we did it to save ourselves from extinction, but we never answered the question why. Why are we as a people worth saving? We still commit murder, because of greed, spite, jealousy. And we still visit all of our sins upon our children. We refuse to accept responsibility to anything that we’ve done, like we did with the Cylons. We decided to play God. Create life… You cannot play God and then wash your hands of the things you have created. Sooner or later, the day comes we you can’t hide from the things that you’ve done anymore.


4. I, Laura Roslin, do now avow and affirm

Roslin: I, Laura Roslin, do now avow and affirm, that I accept the office of the President of the Twelve Colonies of Kobol and that I will protect and defend the sovereignty of the Colonies, with every fibre of my being.


5. You’re taking orders from a frakking school teacher?!

Adama: We’re at war and you’re taking orders from a frakking school teacher?!


6. We need to get the hell out of here and we need to start having babies

Roslin: You planning to stage a military coup?
Adama: What?!
Roslin: Do you plan to declare martial law? Take over the government?
Adama: Of course not!
Roslin: Then you do acknowledge my position as President as duly constituted under the Articles of Colonization?
Adama: Ms. Roslin, my primary objective here at the present time is to repair the Galactica and continue to fight…
Roslin: I honestly don’t know why I have to keep telling you this, but the war is over.
Adama: It hasn’t begun yet.
Roslin: That’s insane…

Roslin: We need to get the hell out of here and we need to start having babies.


7. There is no Earth…

Roslin: There’s no Earth. You made it all up…
Adama: You’re right. There’s no Earth. It’s all a legend.
Roslin: Then Why?
Adama: Because, it’s not enough to just live, you have to have something to live for. Let it be Earth.

8. Let’s Go be Presidential

Roslin: The military... they do love their protocol.
Billy: Well, I'm sure that if they knew you didn't like it, they'd be willing to-
Roslin: No, no, let Adama sound the trumpets. I think it makes him feel more comfortable. Maybe if he feels comfortable he'll be a little easier to deal with.
Billy: That's smart.
Roslin: No, it's not smart, it's politics.

Roslin: Let's go be presidential.

Apollo: Madam President, if I may? I think you should know that my father... well, this entire ceremony was his idea.
Roslin: I know. I think he's enjoying it.
Apollo: Well, actually, he hates protocol pomp and all that.
Roslin: Really?
Apollo: He's making a gesture, trying to make you feel like the president.


9. Books=Love

Roslin: Some time I'd like to borrow a book or two. I only brought one with me on the flight to Galactica.
Adama: What book?
Roslin: "A Murder on Picon." I have a weakness for mysteries.
Adama: Ever read "Dark Day"?
Roslin: Edward Prima. I am embarrassed to say it's one of those classics I've never gotten around to reading.
Adama: I think you'll enjoy it.
Roslin: Thank you. It may be a while before I get this back to you.
Adama: It's a gift. Never lend books.
Roslin: Well, then, thank you for the gift.

Roslin: I wanted to return this.
Adama: This was a gift.
Roslin: "Never lend a book," I know. But I've had it far too long. It belongs in your collection.

Roslin: I'm glad you stopped by. I have something for you. This was given to me by one of the colonists down on New Caprica. And I forgot about it, but Tory found it in a pile old clothes.
(Blood Runs At Midnight is the title of the pulp novel she's giving him.)
Roslin: Don't let the title fool you. It's a pretty good mystery. I think you'll like it. And it's not a loan, it's a gift.

Roslin: You brought a new book?
Adama: Uh, yes. Something different this time. It's a classic. My favorite.
Roslin: Sea Rider Falcon! I haven't read it in years. I don't remember how it ends.
Adama: I don't either. I never read the ending.
Roslin: You're kidding. It's your favorite.
Adama, smiling sweetly: I like it so much, I don't want it to be over. So I'm saving it.
Roslin, brightly: Well maybe I should do that.


10. He’s your son/He’s your advisor


11. Clear your heads

Roslin: All right... it's military, fine. And you're both officers and you're both honorable men and you're both perfectly aware that you are putting the lives of over 45,000 people and the future of this civilization at risk, for your personal feelings. Now, if the two of you, of all people, can live with that, then the human race doesn't stand a chance. Clear your heads.


12. Adama is a cylon


13. Tigh Me Up

Roslin: In all honesty, I think it's fair to say that your behavior recently has been odd.
Adama: My behavior? What, do you think I'm a Cylon? Me?


14. I can dance

Roslin: I thought you hated these things.
Adama: It's colonial day, where else would I be? I'm a patriot.
Roslin: You really are, aren't you?

Adama: Politics. As exciting as war, definitely as dangerous.
Roslin: Though in war, you only get killed once. In politics, it can happen over and over.
Adama: You're still standing.
Roslin: So are you.
Adama: And I can dance!


15. Kobol/I didn’t know you were religious

Adama: I didn't know you were that religious.
Roslin: Neither did I. Something wrong with that?
Adama: No. It's just new.

16. I’m going to have to ask for your resignation, Madam President

Adama: I'm going to have to ask you for your resignation, Madam President.
Roslin: No.
Adama: Then I'm terminating your presidency, as of this moment.
Roslin: Commander Adama, I will exercise the authority of this office until I am unable to do so, so if you want to stage a coup you're gonna have to come over here and arrest me.
Adama: I don't want any blood shed.
Roslin: Of course you don't, neither do I. Neither does the press. They're here, by the way.


17. In the Brig


18. Adama gets Shot/Roslin Reacts badly

Roslin: Captain, what have they done to you? What's going on?
Apollo: My father's been shot.
Roslin: What?
Roslin: Captain. How bad is your father?
Apollo: Bad. Two bullets in the chest.
Roslin: Is Dr. Cottle with him?
Apollo: No, Doc Cottle's not on board.


19. Seeing Bill in Lifestation

Roslin: He's going to be all right. You know that.


20. I’m putting the fleet back together, I’m putting my family back together

Adama: Yes. I'm putting the fleet back together. I'm putting our family back together. This ends now.


21. Forgiveness on a strange planet

Adama: Truth is, I'm the only one that can reach out to Roslin. It's always been between us anyway. We may have gone down separately, but we're gonna come back together. Hopefully on our feet. But even in body bags, we're gonna be coming back together.

Adama: You interfered with a military mission, and you broke your word to me.
Roslin: It's the second part that really bothers you, isn't it?
Adama: Laura, I forgive you.
Roslin: Thank you, Bill. I didn't ask for your forgiveness.
Adama: Well, you have it anyway.

Adama: I didn't come here for this. I didn't come here to navel gaze. Or to catalogue our mistakes. We made a decision to leave the Colonies after the attack. We made the decision. It was the right one then, it's the right one now. 'Cause every moment of every day since then... is a gift.
Roslin: From the gods.
Adama: No, from you. For convincing me that I should go. I would be dead. My son would be dead. Whatever else the cost... I won't second guess that outcome. Let’s go find this tomb of yours.


22. Slow clap

Adama: And so, to lift all of us, let me present once again the president of the colonies, Laura


23. Laura the ship

Roslin: After what we've been through, it would be very easy to give up, to lose hope. But not here. Not today. This is more than a ship, Chief. This is an act of faith. It is proof that despite all we've lost, we keep trying. And we will get through this, all of us, together. I promise.

Adama: They wanted to do that for you.


24. You’ve Got to Kill Her

Cain: Madam President, you look like I just shot your dog.
Roslin: No, it's just-- it's just the Commander and we've been through a lot.

Roslin: I afraid this can only end one way. You've got to kill her.
Adama: What the hell are you talking about?


25. Bedside Handholding

Roslin: I have good days and bad But don't look so worried I'm not dying today.
Adama: Sorry.
Roslin: What can I do for you?
Adama: You were right about Cain Pegasus had a civilian fleet with her, 15 ships. Cain stripped them. For parts, supplies...people.
Roslin: I wish I could say I was surprised, but it's who she is. She's playing for keeps, you've gotta do the same.
Adama: What's gotten into you?
Roslin: Mm.
Adama: You've become so bloody-minded.
Roslin: I know that as long as Cain lives... your survival is at risk, I know that.
Adama: What can I get you?
Roslin: A new body. Perhaps, one of those young
Adama: I can't see you as a blonde.
Roslin: You'd be surprised.
Adama: We'll see you tomorrow?
Roslin: Mm-hmm. Commander. She won't hesitate to kill you. Don't let her.


26. A Promotion and a Kiss

Roslin: Rumor has it that I know very little about military protocol, but I do believe that someone who commands more than one ship is called an Admiral. Congratulations, Admiral Adama.
Adama: Thank you, Madame president. Thank you, Billy. I, um, I never gave up hope. I just stopped trying to get these a long time ago.
Roslin: Just goes to show you, Bill. Never give up hope.
Adama: Same goes for you, Laura.


27. Laura almost dies; Bill is there

Adama: You seem better.
Roslin: Much.


28. A Sacrifice

Roslin: Is this what you gave 'em?
Adama: It was a calculated risk.
Roslin: It wasn't worth it. … Oh, dear. Well, that's better. That's better. He was so young.


29. Giggles

Roslin: Um...sorry about the mess. It's, um... bit of a ritual-- superstition, really. I used to do this before testifying at committee hearings. This is what I do. I take one, memorize a talking point, then tear the card, and let the pieces fall as they may. It helps.
Adama: Yeah, my father used to break pencils before he went into court, then borrow one from the clerk. Break preconceptions, work with what you have.
Roslin: You know, I like that. Let me see. I like it. It's good.
Adama: Feel better?
Roslin: Yeah. But what happens if the, uh, moderator doesn't have a pencil?
Adama: Then you're pretty screwed.
Roslin: Oh, no. I used to get the giggles before debating in high school.


30. The Election

Adama: You tried to steal an election?
Roslin: Yes, I did. And I got caught. But Gaius Baltar cannot become President of the Colonies, Bill. It can’t happen.
Adama: Laura... I don't want him as President either, but—

Adama: Do we steal the results of a democratic election or not? That's the decision. Because if we do this, we're criminals. Unindicted, maybe, but criminals just the same.
Roslin: Yes, we are.
Adama: You won't do it. We've gone this far, but that's it.
Roslin: 'Scuse me?
Adama: You try to steal this election, you'll die inside likely move your cancer right to your heart. The people made their choice. We're gonna have to live with it.
Roslin: It's the wrong choice.
Adama: Yes, it is.
Roslin: All right. All right. All right. So that's it. We just give it up, just like that.
Adama: The battle, perhaps. But not the war.


31. Fight Until we Can’t

Adama: Begin jump prep. We're leaving. But we'll be back. Start your prep.


32. We’re Getting our People off of New Caprica

Adama: You know the mission. You should also know there's only one way and that's with the successful rescue of our people off of New Caprica. Good hunting.


33.You wanna tell me what’s really going on here?


34. Pin a frakking medal to your chest

Roslin: I'd like to propose this. You seem hellbent on paying some kind of penance for whatever it is you think you've done. So instead of resigning, why don't you get up and walk out of here. Meet me on the port hangar deck tomorrow evening for this ceremony, and let me pin a frakkin' medal to your chest.


35. Ringside-Laura

Adama: Just stop the blood.
Roslin: Coagulant for the swelling and bleeding -- come on. You insist on doing this. You want to do this. You're crazy, right? [He spits crazy amounts of blood.] You want to do this?
Adama: Yeah.
Roslin: All right. Keep your guard up. He's coming in wild. Get him with a left hook. You wanna win?
Adama: I'm not gonna win.


36. Red-dress Laura

Roslin: In the mountains north of here there's this little stream that comes down into this lake; the water is so clear it's like looking through glass. I'm thinking of building a cabin.
Adama: That's good.
Roslin: Mmm, it is good.


37. Snuggling on NC Laura and Bill

Roslin: Is this really it, Bill? Is this how we're gonna spend all the rest of our days? Hmm?
Roslin: Maybe we should just enjoy this.
Adama: I am.
Roslin: No, no, I mean enjoy being here on this planet as long as it lasts. I mean, maybe the Cylons come back, maybe they don't, but for now, right now... We've got a break.
Adama: I've got people that want to get off the ship, move down here.
Roslin: Can't say as I blame them. I mean, what are you gonna do?


38. Bill The Protector


39. Hera Is Alive

Adama: Laura.
Roslin: What?
Adama: The Cylon we know as Boomer arrived with the others. She told our Sharon that her child was alive, and that she was on board one of the Cylon baseships. And that she had been seen on New Caprica in your school.
Roslin: The child is alive. Yes. Yes, the child was at the school. Yes, I kept her there. And we suspected that the Cylons captured her during the exodus from New Caprica. Yes, it's true. Listen, the thing you might want to know is that when sh…


40. In His bed

Roslin: I told him I didn't take any satisfaction in seeing his pain. But the truth is, I was willing to see him endure a great deal of suffering, in order to get what I wanted. It wasn't some intelligence or some truth. I wanted a genuine admission of guilt.
Adama: That's something that you're not gonna get from someone like Baltar. He doesn't see himself that way. It's not who he is. In his eyes he's the victim, not the criminal.
Adama: It's not too late for him to just disappear.
Roslinsmiles sadly and puts her hand on his arm, whispering: We can't do that. For all his crimes, he's one of us.
Adama: So what happens next?
Roslin: We give him his trial.


41. A Day in the Life

Adama: You you ever think about the times much on New Caprica?
Roslin: I try to think about the good times, yes I do.
Adama: one particular stands out in my mind. You were wearing your really bright red dress. Said you wanted to build a cabin.
Roslin: It was Baltar's Groundbreaking ceremony. I got a little silly that night.
Adama: You ever wonder what would've happened if the Cylons hadn't have come back?
Roslin: I think given Baltar and the terrain we couldn't have made a go of it. What about you? Do you think you would have stayed on Galactica? Or do you think you would have settled?
Adama: It's pretty hypothetical, isn't it?
Roslin: It is. Until it isn't. Did I just say that?
Adama: It's worth it just seeing you laugh like that. We've been at war so long sometimes we forget what we' fighting for. Raise our kids in peace, enjoy one another's company. Live life as people again.
Roslin: Like that night on New Caprica, that's really what we are talking about here… now, isn't it?
Adama: That, and... Other times...
Roslin: So if the Cylons hadn't come back?
Adama: But they did. We have certain responsibilities.
Roslin: Yes, we do, sir. And uh, I will be back in a few days, and if you'd like, we can... talk more about that night. And Bill? The answer's yes. I absolutely would've built the cabin.


42. You’re Always Welcome in One of my Beds

Adama: Well, if the quarters become cramped, you're always welcome in one of my beds. ...In a manner of speaking.

Roslin: Is that a hint of hope I hear? Has the skeptic suddenly decided that we're on the road to Earth after all?
Adama: Have I ever doubted it?


43. Early morning phone calls

Roslin: Yell at me. I don't want to get out of bed.
Adama: Well, you called the wrong number. I was just thinking about going back to bed.
Roslin: You feeling okay?
Adama: Says the cancer patient. Yeah, I'm fine. I just cut myself. How are you doing?
Roslin: I don't want to face them. I don't want to face any of them. I just want to stay in bed all day and sleep.
Adama: I think I stopped the bleeding... If you still need to be yelled at, I think I can give you some volume.
Roslin: Okay. All right, give it your best shot.
Adama: Get out of that bed!
Roslin: That's not your best shot.
Adama: Get your fat, lazy ass out of that rack, Roslin!
Roslin: Yes, sir. Okay, sir. Anything you say, sir… Thank you.
Adama: Don't let 'em see you sweat, Laura.


44. You voted for his acquittal

Roslin: "Gaius Baltar is innocent." Just the sound of that makes my skin crawl.
Adama: Not guilty is not the same as innocent.
Roslin: It must've been particularly difficult for you. What, you just... couldn't get the other two guys to budge? You voted for his acquittal, didn't you?
Adama: I hate to say it. Defense made their case, the prosecution didn't.
Roslin: Gaius Baltar is a traitor. We both know that. Regardless of the outcome of this trial.
Adama: No one's asking anyone to forget. Or to forgive. But we have to look to the future.


45. Mirrored Body Language


46. You tried to shot the President


47. The Fight

Roslin: You gonna keep waltzing, or are you gonna sit down and talk? What's going on? Sit.
Adama: What if she's telling the truth? She was supposed to die out there. She didn't, I can't explain it. What if she was meant to help us? And this was a...
Roslin: A what? A miracle? Is that what you want to call this? Go ahead, say it. Grab your piece of the Golden Arrow. I want to hear Admiral Atheist say that a miracle happened.
Adama: You shot at her and missed at close range.
Roslin: Huh. Diloxan fraks with your aim.
Adama: So does doubt.
Roslin: I pulled the trigger and I'd do it again. She put her life in front of a bullet as if it had no meaning. You drop an egg, you reach for another.
Adama: Maybe convincing you meant more to her than her own life.
Roslin: Is that your miracle? You want to talk about miracles? The very same day that a very pale doctor informed me that I had terminal cancer most of humanity was annihilated, and I survived. And by some mathematical absurdity, I became President. And then my cancer disappeared ong enough for us to find a way to Earth. You can call it whatever you want. And now I'm dying.
Adama: Don't talk that way.
Roslin: Bill. You've gotta face this. My life is coming to an end soon enough, and I am not going to apologize to you for not trusting her. And I am not... I am not going to trust her with the fate of this Fleet. You are so buckled up inside. You can't take any more loss. Your son leaving. This -- me... I know it.
Adama: No one's going anywhere.
Roslin: Okay. Here's the truth. This is what's going on. You want to believe Kara. You would rather be wrong about her and face your own demise, than risk losing her again.
Adama: You can stay in the room, but get out of my head.
Roslin: You're so afraid to live alone.
Adama: And you're afraid to die that way.
Roslin: Hmm.
Adama: You're afraid that you may not be the Dying Leader you thought you were. Or that your death may be as meaningless as everyone else's.


48. Reading Love and Bullets

Adama: Love & Bullets, by Nick Taylo, Chapter One. "It started like it always did. With a body. This one was in the river. I could tell she had once been beautiful, but this bullet and fast current had taken away from her. All we are, all that we think we are. All that we are certain about is taken away from us. When you've worked the streets and seen what I've seen, you become more and more convinced of it every day. Caprica City had been my teacher, my mistress. From the moment I open my eyes, she's in my blood, like cheap wine.
Bitter and sweet, tinged with regret. I'll never be free of her, nor do I want to be. For she is what I am. All that is, should always be."


49. Apparently

Adama: I wanted to give Kara a chance. I wanted to give myself a chance to believe in her.
Roslin: Apparently.


50. I want you to know what I like

Roslin: I liked that service.
Adama: It's not for me, I'll tell you that.
Roslin: I know, but I want you to know what I like.


51. Carrying her bag


52. Reading at the end of the day

Roslin: Oh dear. Are you going to be able to continue?

Adama: "Chapter Seven: The raft was not as seaworthy as I had hoped. The waves repeatedly threatened to swamp it. I wasn't afraid to die. He pauses, sadly. I was afraid of the emptiness that I felt inside."
Adama: I couldn't feel anything, and that's what scared me. It came into my thoughts. It filled them. It felt good.


53. Bathrobe conversations
Adama: You really believe that there's something in this horse manure that Baltar's peddling?
Roslin: I don't know. Something is happening here, and I don't really understand it, Bill.
Adama: You both had the same dream, means...
Roslin: What? Talk to me. What's going on?
Adama: Kara comes back from the dead, I let her go off chasing her vision of Earth. Well, she's overdue. Lee turns in his wings. Helo, Athena, Gaeta. Will I ever see those kids again?
Roslin: Bill. Look at me. Look at me. I'm right here. Right here. We're going to find it.
Adama: Earth?
Roslin: Together.
Adama: I used to think it was such a pipe dream. I used to use it as a carrot for the Fleet.
Roslin: What made you change?
Adama: You. You made me believe.


54. Bill’s giving it all up to wait for his wife

Romo: I always imagined you a realist, Admiral. Not one to indulge a vain hope at the cost of lives. But then, everyone has his limits. Sine qua non, as they say.
Adama: "Without which not."
Romo: Yes. Those things we deem essential, without which we cannot bear living, without which life in general loses its specific value. Becomes abstract.

Lee: Why are you doing this?
Adama: Because I can't live without her. And Laura is gonna get to the rendezvous point. I have to believe that.


55. A Proposal as she Dies

Elosha: Just love someone.

Adama: You go. You go. You go to your rest now. I'm not gonna be selfish anymore. You go. Rest.


56. The reunion

Adama: Missed you.
Roslin: Me too... I love you.
Adama: About time.


57. Bill will protect her with a gun


58. Laura can make Bill feel better

Roslin: Hmm. What don’t you know? What is it you don’t know? "Bill, this is it. This is everything we've been working for. I want to see you pick up that first fistful of Earth. Come on."


59. Squee! We’ve Found earth

Adama: Madam President, without you, we wouldn't have made it. Give the order.
Roslin: It's been a long time coming. Take us to Earth.
Adama: Crew of Galactica. People of the Fleet. This is Admiral Adama. Three years ago, I promised to lead you to a new home. We've endured a difficult journey. We've all lost. We've all suffered. And the truth is, I questioned whether this day would ever come. But today, our journey is at an end. We have Earth.


60. Woe. Earth Sucks

Roslin: Earth.

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