Dec. 31st, 2011

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New Friending Policy

While I am a squeeing fangirl, the majority of my journal is devoted to "real life" stuff; therefore, I'm starting to be really cautious about who I add and who I let into that private world. I don't mean it to be standoffish or snobby, just to protect myself. So, here's the deal, if we've had a good conversation anywhere, or we "know" each other or whatnot, post here and I'll likely friend you back. If I've never spoken to you before or you just randomly "add" me? Yeah, I'm probably not going to add you back. Nothing personal, it's just that this place is, and I need to know who's reading it. Thanks.

If you're looking for my icons, wallpapers, banners, or fanvids, check out my creative journal at [ profile] room_of_her_own

A Second Room of my Own

"in order to write fiction, a woman needs money and a room of her own."

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