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[ profile] kait_18. I've made some of the Sisterhood icons you'd asked for. Not a lot (37), but some. Hope you like them.

[ profile] insanityjones, your XF icons (and, if I can come up with even one good idea, a wallpaper) should be up tomorrow night.

The rest of the icon pretties are H E R E at my creative journal [ profile] room_of_her_own
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Nope, the house still isn't clean. The dishes aren't done. Hell, the one load of laundry I managed to put in the wash this morning is still in the damn washer because I'm too frakking lazy to take the other laundry out of the dryer.

Yup. LAZY!

However, what I have managed to do today was create two new LJ communities:

1. A new Randle Mell Fan community (he's Mary's husband): [profile] hubby_mcawesome

2. A new creative community for my fan art and vids (yes, this means no more of those, "Sorry, flist. Just trying to keep everything in one place..." posts): [profile] room_of_her_own.

If  you're at all interested in either community, feel free to join. For my creative community, this is where I'll now be posting all vids, icons, etc.

All right. I should go make a salad or something now, since I totally forgot to eat supper tonight (oops).

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I really need to get that damn "creative" journal set up so I don't keep bombarding my flist with this stuff.

Anyway, I was part of the A/R Secret Santa exchange over at [ profile] adama_roslin that the awesome [ profile] nnaylime set up and ran (I'm sorry that I sucked as an elf this year). For the exchange I made a wallpaper and a vid, which are behind the cut.

Wallpaper and vid behind the cut. )


New Icons

Dec. 16th, 2007 03:40 pm
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New Mary/Laura wallpaper. x-posted to [profile] mary_mcawesome

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Okay, so I know I said I would do these MONTHS ago, but I just got around to making them.

Oh, and to those on my flist who are not GGMM posters, sorry, these may seem a bit random. Bear with me.

Anyway, feel free to steal any of these. I made them to share. Oh, and if you want any other icons, let me know and I'll do 'em.

Let me know what you think.


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The latest A/R Fanvid.

x-posted to [profile] adama_roslin 
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 No, not like that. Rather, what I'm pimping is an online book club that my friend [personal profile] insanityjones started about a month ago.  Originally it was a small private community made up of members from TWoP's Gilmore Girls Meet Market, but recently jones has decided to open the sucker up in the hopes of getting a larger and more diverse discussion going. In the hopes of moving this along, she asked me to pimp the book club on my LJ, so here we are.

I hope at least a few of you will come check us out and maybe even pass this info onto other friends who you think might be interested (*hint hint*).  It's a pretty relaxed atmosphere over there (read the books and join in the discussion when you can - although we hope it's often) with a great group of people love books, reading, and chatting until our fingers are sore.

So, come join us! Come play!! We rarely bite, and if you join soon you can vote in the poll for the December book (this month's theme, Novellas)!!!

Hope to see you soon at [profile] sexy_is_reading.

PS. I'm leaving this post public, so if you know of anyone else who might be interested, please feel free to link back here!



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 Yeah, this is another one of those "keeping everything in one place" posts. 

Oh Very Young One

Download link (20MB)

x-posted to [profile] mary_mcawesome 

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 Sorry flist. Just trying to keep everything in one place. Feel free to skip this (like you needed my permission). heh.

Wallpaper under the cut. )


x-posted to [ profile] mary_mcawesome
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[personal profile] insanityjones asked me to make her a couple Mulder and Scully wallpapers, and because I love her more than I have words to express, I did. I know a few of you on my flist also like XF so I thought I'd post the wallpapers here. Also, I just want to keep things in one place, so...

Anyway, here they are (all 1024x768 Should anyone actually want these I can make widescreen versions if you want).

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Once again, sorry flist. I made some banners and it's easier for me to post them here. 
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I have an addiction. It's not good (although I suppose it could be worse).

Laura Roslin Fanvid to Love Is All Around

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Sorry flist, it's yet another fanvid. Feel free to ignore.

 x-posted to

[profile] adama_roslin


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All right, folks. YouTube was behaving today so I got my vids up faster than I expected. So, I now present to you part 2 (of 2) of my MOL post.

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Hello all!! It's my day for the MOL III, so since I don't write fic I thought I'd bring you some other goodies. In this post (post 1 of 2 today) I bring you some simple A/R wallpaper.



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A/R Fanvid

Sep. 23rd, 2007 01:49 pm
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Hello my lovely flist.

As most of you know I've been working on some BSG A/R fanvids. Here's one of them.



I have a download link (sendspace)for the vid, but I doubt any of you will want that (those who might will likely see this first on the A/R community). If you really want a download link, let me know.

x-posted to [ profile] adama_roslin
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Just a few text-only icons from the short-lived TV show High Society.

Standard icon stuff:

Credit is nice
Comments make me happy
Please don't alter
Please don't hotlink

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Yup, I have an icon problem. You know the words, sing it with me...

Sorry flist, another icon post to a community.

Icon stuff:

Take what you want
Credit makes me smile
Comments make my world go 'round.
Textless icons are not bases
Please don't hotlink.

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