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New Mary/Laura wallpaper. x-posted to [profile] mary_mcawesome

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 Yeah, this is another one of those "keeping everything in one place" posts. 

Oh Very Young One

Download link (20MB)

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Just a few text-only icons from the short-lived TV show High Society.

Standard icon stuff:

Credit is nice
Comments make me happy
Please don't alter
Please don't hotlink

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Yup, I have an icon problem. You know the words, sing it with me...

Sorry flist, another icon post to a community.

Icon stuff:

Take what you want
Credit makes me smile
Comments make my world go 'round.
Textless icons are not bases
Please don't hotlink.

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Once again, sorry flist (another icon post to a different community).

Standard Icon Stuff:

Take any you want
Credit is nice
Comments are nicer
Please don't hotlink

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Sorry flist, I don't mean to bombard you with icons, but I'm posting this to a community. Feel free to skip over this!

Standard icon stuff:

Take whatever you want
Comments are great
Credit is nice, too
Please don't hotlink

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