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I've never made it this far in a LIMS before (hell, I've never participated in a LIMS before this one), but I'm in the finals of the [ profile] laura_lims and the final voting challenge is now up and really, the more votes the better so please, please, please head on over H E R E and vote. This one is easy, since you don't have to leave constructive criticism, just pick your favourite.

GO VOTE!! You know you wanna.

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[ profile] laura_lims desperately needs more votes this week! It's not hard to vote, you simply have to go over, look at one of the three icons and pick your lease favourite and leave some constructive criticism. Really, it takes maybe 3 minutes tops and would really help out the community this week, so please, please, please, go vote!!!!




May. 11th, 2008 03:02 pm
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Pimping and cross-posting galore.

[ profile] starbuck92 and I started a new Adama/Roslin Daily community to share daily pics of our favourite BSG couple!

So, if you're so inclined, join us here at [ profile] ar_daily_dose and come look at the pretty.

[ profile] ar_daily_dose [ profile] ar_daily_dose [ profile] ar_daily_dose
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 No, not like that. Rather, what I'm pimping is an online book club that my friend [personal profile] insanityjones started about a month ago.  Originally it was a small private community made up of members from TWoP's Gilmore Girls Meet Market, but recently jones has decided to open the sucker up in the hopes of getting a larger and more diverse discussion going. In the hopes of moving this along, she asked me to pimp the book club on my LJ, so here we are.

I hope at least a few of you will come check us out and maybe even pass this info onto other friends who you think might be interested (*hint hint*).  It's a pretty relaxed atmosphere over there (read the books and join in the discussion when you can - although we hope it's often) with a great group of people love books, reading, and chatting until our fingers are sore.

So, come join us! Come play!! We rarely bite, and if you join soon you can vote in the poll for the December book (this month's theme, Novellas)!!!

Hope to see you soon at [profile] sexy_is_reading.

PS. I'm leaving this post public, so if you know of anyone else who might be interested, please feel free to link back here!



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