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For those who may want this but who don't watch my creative journal...

The actual, full sized wallpapers can be found H E R E
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More to come this weekend, but for now...


In other news, BSG IN LESS THAN AN HOUR!!
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I really need to get that damn "creative" journal set up so I don't keep bombarding my flist with this stuff.

Anyway, I was part of the A/R Secret Santa exchange over at [ profile] adama_roslin that the awesome [ profile] nnaylime set up and ran (I'm sorry that I sucked as an elf this year). For the exchange I made a wallpaper and a vid, which are behind the cut.

Wallpaper and vid behind the cut. )

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New Mary/Laura wallpaper. x-posted to [profile] mary_mcawesome

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 Sorry flist. Just trying to keep everything in one place. Feel free to skip this (like you needed my permission). heh.

Wallpaper under the cut. )


x-posted to [ profile] mary_mcawesome
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[personal profile] insanityjones asked me to make her a couple Mulder and Scully wallpapers, and because I love her more than I have words to express, I did. I know a few of you on my flist also like XF so I thought I'd post the wallpapers here. Also, I just want to keep things in one place, so...

Anyway, here they are (all 1024x768 Should anyone actually want these I can make widescreen versions if you want).


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