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So yeah, I'm not sure what to say about that episode. I mean, it was amazing. Brilliant acting. Brilliant storytelling, and quite possibly the most beautiful score to ever come along for ANY TV show.

Initial thoughts:

1. Adama breaking down broke my little heart into a million pieces.
2. Roslin coming into Adama's quarters and sitting down next to him like a wife would do? LOVE!
3. Rolling the hard six? Also love.
4. Michael Hogan is fucking amazing.
5. I love that no one is safe on this show, I was really worried about the 3 in the airlock.
6. Tory's a fucking cun... er... bitch, but it tracks with her character progression this season, so I'm okay with it.
7. The Adama/Roslin hug in CIC! *swoon* (but, um, KISS THE GIRL YOU DAMN FOOL!!)
8. I cried at the happy "we've found earth scene". Yup, I'm a big ol' sap.
9. So... earth's a nuclear wasteland. Wish I could say I didn't see THAT one coming. Anyone else looking for some apes?
10. So, flist, we have 12 hours of this show left (since I hear we're getting a super long series finale), so where do we go from here?

Ooooh, I see an opportunity for a poll...

[Poll #1204656]

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