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New Friending Policy

While I am a squeeing fangirl, the majority of my journal is devoted to "real life" stuff; therefore, I'm starting to be really cautious about who I add and who I let into that private world. I don't mean it to be standoffish or snobby, just to protect myself. So, here's the deal, if we've had a good conversation anywhere, or we "know" each other or whatnot, post here and I'll likely friend you back. If I've never spoken to you before or you just randomly "add" me? Yeah, I'm probably not going to add you back. Nothing personal, it's just that this place is, and I need to know who's reading it. Thanks.

If you're looking for my icons, wallpapers, banners, or fanvids, check out my creative journal at [ profile] room_of_her_own

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I never, ever thought that I would do this, but... I've made an A/R fanmix. Yup, that's right, 24 songs that, in some way, speak to the A/R relationship. Some I've vidded. Some are on my "to be vidded" list. And some I just liked.

However, because I didn't want this to just be another random collection of songs, I made sure to put in some purdy pics too, so I think we can call this an A/R Fanmix and Picspam. Or something. Whatever.

The small print:

-Spoilers for all episodes (yup, right up to the finale, my loves.
-I ended on a note that I hope doesn't rip people's hearts out, but if it does, well... sorry.
-Please don't use the pics for icons, etc. They're nothing special, but they did involve some work to compile and colour them.
-Let me know if you're downloading. It's just polite on the internetz.
-Each song has it's own link, or there are zip files of the two dics (yup, that's right, two) at the end after the album art.
-Feel free to mock my sometimes questionable taste in music.

An Adama/Roslin Fanmix: Through the Years )
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Here's what I have of the UN BSG panel from tonight. I'm missing the first 20 minutes (before the panel discussion actually starts) because I had to download the newer version of RealPlayer to get it to work, but I figured I'd share what I have (about 2 hours in total).

I'm keeping this public, so feel free to point people to my journal. ENJOY!

PS. The file should play with RealPlayer or VLC.
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Well, folks, it’s time! We are less than 24 hours away from the Premiere of Season 4.5. To commemorate this last BSG Premiere (*weeps*) I had planned on making a massive, epic picspam of the Adama/Roslin relationship from the first meeting to the last moment that we saw of them.

However, the epicness became too epic for me, so instead, this is the slightly less epic, but still MASSIVE “60 Moments that Define and Epic Romance” picspam. Or, Adama/Roslin from the beginning.

Come, look at the pretty. Squee over the love. And get ready for tomorrow.

The small print: This ‘spam covers all aired episodes, so if you’ve not yet seen season 4.0, don’t click on the cut. Also, this is still massive in its size, so seriously folks, this ain’t dial-up friendly. Finally, while these pics aren’t the best I’ve done, please don’t steal them to make icons and whatnot. I’ve put in hours of work here and I really don’t want to see someone else using that hard work. It’s petty and selfish and I. Don’t. Care. :D


60 Moments that Define an Epic Romance )
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Apparently, there is rumour that the identity of the final cylon has been leaked, so it's time once again for me to break out the ass-kicking peep-toed pumps.

IF ANYONE ON MY FLIST SO MUCH AS BREATHES A WORD OF THIS OUTSIDE OF A CLEARLY MARKED CUT, I WILL SPORK YOU AND, FRANKLY, DO ANYTHING IN MY POWER (and I'm a petty, petty woman) TO MAKE YOUR LIFE A LIVING HELL (remember, I've gotten a series of neighbours kicked out of their homes for pissing me off, so you really don't want to go onto my list).

I mean, really, the warning goes for all BSG spoilers, but you spoil this one for me and I will HUNT YOU DOWN WITHOUT MERCY.

Please don't ruin this for me and a whole slew of BSG fans out there.

We clear? Good.

And yes, I'm disabling comments on this because, spamming me with silly comments like "OMG, BOOMER'S A CYLON" aren't funny, they're lame.

And, just for the record, I do love you all. Really.
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Okay, I managed to grab the promo/Nicki Clyne interview off of Space today.

Here's a download of the .WMV File

Here's a download to 1,153 screencaps of it (1080x816px): Download here

Meh, I just checked the caps and they kinda suck. Sorry, guys

Feel free to link to this post. I'm keeping it public, but I'm not pimping it elsewhere, since there have been SO MANY of these posts today.

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.WMV version

.AVI version (in case the .wmv doesn't work)

EDIT: And small (640x428) caps
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I've never made it this far in a LIMS before (hell, I've never participated in a LIMS before this one), but I'm in the finals of the [ profile] laura_lims and the final voting challenge is now up and really, the more votes the better so please, please, please head on over H E R E and vote. This one is easy, since you don't have to leave constructive criticism, just pick your favourite.

GO VOTE!! You know you wanna.

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[ profile] laura_lims desperately needs more votes this week! It's not hard to vote, you simply have to go over, look at one of the three icons and pick your lease favourite and leave some constructive criticism. Really, it takes maybe 3 minutes tops and would really help out the community this week, so please, please, please, go vote!!!!




May. 11th, 2008 03:02 pm
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Pimping and cross-posting galore.

[ profile] starbuck92 and I started a new Adama/Roslin Daily community to share daily pics of our favourite BSG couple!

So, if you're so inclined, join us here at [ profile] ar_daily_dose and come look at the pretty.

[ profile] ar_daily_dose [ profile] ar_daily_dose [ profile] ar_daily_dose
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Dear flist,

To those of you that are now spoiled for 4x09 (4x11), thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for being kind and using cuts and copious warnings. I very much appreciate it. I don't want to read anything (I don't even want to actually see the flailing, but I can't avoid that) so thank you for keeping me unspoiled (and your asses un-airlocked).

To those who are not spoiled and don't want to be spoiled, but are finding it hard to stay away, think of these couple of things:

1. I don't know what draft of the script it is that's been leaked (and NO, I DON'T WANT TO KNOW. DON'T TELL ME!). Hell, for all we know it could be a first of second draft and as we all know, those change dramatically from what is written to what we see on screen (case in point, Taking a Break from All You Worries was originally a nice little episode about a bar).

2. BSG scripts are long... really long and A LOT of stuff gets cut out, so the scene(s) that everyone is flailing over may not even make it into the final cut. We just don't know.

What I'm saying is, there's no point (in my mind) of reading something and either getting my hopes up or getting crushed only to find out that it's not what we're gonna see on screen.

Also, looking now could conceivably ruin the three episodes in between (knowing where things are going and all) and I just don't want that.

So, for those reasons (and just because I DO NOT LIKE BEING SPOILED) I am NOT READING IT!

So, to recap:

1. Thanks for not spoiling me, flist.
2. I'm not reading the spoilers for lots of reasons.

Much love,


PS. Just in case...

SPOIL ME AND BE AIRLOCKED (and by that I still mean instand defriending). I AM NOT FUCKING KIDDING!

*cough* I'm done now.
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For those who may want this but who don't watch my creative journal...

The actual, full sized wallpapers can be found H E R E
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Please, for the sake of both my closet space and my bank balance, stage a shoe and clothing intervention.

Eternally grateful,

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More to come this weekend, but for now...


In other news, BSG IN LESS THAN AN HOUR!!
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I don't mean to bombard my flist, but I want to make sure the people who want these see them. I made some new icons from the pretty Gillian Anderson Maxim pics. Only a few (like 14 - mostly variations), but it's start.


The rest can be found H E R E
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So, my friend and colleauge, after seeing my "50 Reasons I Love BSG" post decided to make her own (no pictures). She emailed it to me today and I have to say, it's fairly awesome! So, with her permission, I am reposting it here (again, spoilers for all three seasons).

Man, I wish I was this funny )
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Okay, I know that I've been a little obsessive (and for some of you, annoying) over the past year with my Battlestar Galactica love, but I am who I am. For those who are curious, this post should give you a little insight into what I love so much about this show. So... in honour of the season 4 premiere this Friday, I present 50 reasons I love Battlestar Galactica (in no particular order, despite the use of numbers).

And, um, sorry about the crappy colouring. I just couldn't get anything to work and I wasn't about to go back and fix everything. Meh.

Spoilers for all 3 seasons and totally not dial-up friendly )
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Okay, so I've redirected people here from the [ profile] adama_roslin comm so that that comm isn't technically attached to this download. Whatever.

I promised a couple friends that I'd rip the Extended Cut of Unfinished Business and the DVD extras from the Region 1 Season 3 BSG DVDs. Unfortunately, I've been busy this weekend (what? napping and drinking takes time!!) so I wasn't able to rip everything this weekend but I do have the extended version of Unfinished Business in .avi format for whomever wants it. I'll rip the other stuff this week and get it up as soon as I can.

In the mean time, here is the link for the Unfinished Business episode.

Feel free to let others know about this (I'll keep the episode up for as long as I can), but please let me know if you download.

Oh, and sorry about the massive file size. I wasn't thinking and didn't shrink it down before ripping and then uploading. Oops.

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[ profile] insanityjones, I've made some XF icons for you. Not a lot (explanation on my creative journal).

They're H E R E

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