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Apparently, there is rumour that the identity of the final cylon has been leaked, so it's time once again for me to break out the ass-kicking peep-toed pumps.

IF ANYONE ON MY FLIST SO MUCH AS BREATHES A WORD OF THIS OUTSIDE OF A CLEARLY MARKED CUT, I WILL SPORK YOU AND, FRANKLY, DO ANYTHING IN MY POWER (and I'm a petty, petty woman) TO MAKE YOUR LIFE A LIVING HELL (remember, I've gotten a series of neighbours kicked out of their homes for pissing me off, so you really don't want to go onto my list).

I mean, really, the warning goes for all BSG spoilers, but you spoil this one for me and I will HUNT YOU DOWN WITHOUT MERCY.

Please don't ruin this for me and a whole slew of BSG fans out there.

We clear? Good.

And yes, I'm disabling comments on this because, spamming me with silly comments like "OMG, BOOMER'S A CYLON" aren't funny, they're lame.

And, just for the record, I do love you all. Really.

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